Sensual Enterprise Workshop

Working & Playing towards a New Sexual Revolution!

Most ‘modern’ businesses that deal with sexuality such as pornography, strip clubs, escorts, and prostitution all have very negative connotations both for women and men. In fact there are very very few business operations in the world today that deal with sex in a way that is beneficial to all concerned including the planet. The idea of making money through sexuality is automatically seen as ‘dirty’. 

Our premise for this workshop is that underlying most areas of human behavior there is sexual dysfunction that has huge personal and societal consequences. By exploring novel ideas and experimenting, we can help our species evolve with sustainable business solutions. 

We define this as  sensual enterprise! In the Sensual Enterprise Workshop we teach that one of the most effective ways to create sustainable solutions to any problem is to create a business model that addresses the issue AND makes a profit! If people can make a living from making changes in the world that they want then the work they are doing is truly sustainable. This is especially true in the field of human  sexuality.

Sensual Enterprise Workshop in Hawaii! You can enroll in our unique Sensual Enterprise Workshop at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community.  This workshop will show you how to morally align a sex business with social and environmental goals in realistic and easy to learn format.  You will learn how to create a sensual enterprise that can be a financial, personal and societal success!  

Workshop Cost and Length: The workshop is 2 hours in length. It is a private workshop. You can choose whether you wish to complete the workshop in Hawaii or virtually.

Cost of the workshop is $140 if completed in Hawaii and $100 if completed virtually using Apple Facetime.

Hawaii Rain Forest Lodgings: Not included. We usually suggest that you stay one to two weeks. However, our lodgings at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community are rustic, ecofriendly and affordable so you are welcome to reserve a longer stay.  

Sensual Enterprise Virtual Community Membership. Is included with the workshop.  

This course is offered to men as well as women. It is geared towards women for a number of reasons, but primarily focuses on our complimentary approach to traditional feminism.  We advocate for social change and women’s rights via social enterprise instead of the more historically common avenue of law and legislation.

Course Modules:

  • Social Enterprise: Introduction to Social Enterprise
  • Social Entrepreneurs: Encouraging Creativity & Discussing Student Ideas
  • Sustainable Business: Defining, Creating & Maintaining a Sustainable Business
  • Virtual Business: Business Website, Online Marketing & Working Virtually
  • The Human Element: Customer Service & Finding a Healthy Balance for Yourself
  • Moral Business: Guidelines for and Benefits of Ethical Business Practices

  Sensual Enterprise Workshop
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We offer the following possibilities to learn about ‘Sensual Enterprise’:

  1. Sexual Equalism Virtual Membership: Become a Member of this website where you can learn more about Sensual Enterprise through the online resources we offer. (See Free Tours of Sex EQ Art and Articles.)
  2. Sensual Enterprise Workshop. We offer this workshop on socially responsible Sensual Entrepreneurship at our community in Hawaii or online via Skype.
  3. Hedonisia Community Membership in Hawaii! Apply to be a Volunteer Intern or Manager at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community! 

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