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Linda & Mojo at Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community

Linda & Mojo at Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community

With a background in Sociology and Women’s Studies and experienced travelers Mojo and Linda have seen firsthand the many areas of sexual dysfunction.

They also met many people who wanted to make a difference in the world but were frustrated in their search for something to do that would be meaningful and yet fun. In the end they realized, what could be more meaningful and fun that working in the field of sex?

Sexuality is one of the few remaining areas left where it is possible to apply social enterprise principles to selling sexual products or services in ways that are beneficial to the planet and to society.

With this insight they began to create Sensual Enterprise projects. Each idea works with sex but in a way that is healing and beneficial.

Here are some of the Sensual Enterprise projects in their portfolio: Despite all the technology we have, there are still no truly safe and eco-friendly birth control methods in the world today. Condoms and the pill cause both pollution and health problems and are also do not work sometimes. Traditional natural birth control is seen as inneffective and unsexy. So we have developed a Safe, Effective, and Sensual Natural Birth Control ebook for couples who wish to enjoy their sexuality without unwanted pregnancy!
Social Issues Addressed: healthy sexuality, natural birth control, couples therapy, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights.

b) (Warning this site is Pro-Choice!) Let every child on this planet be a wanted child. This website offers private, and effective natural abortion information for women who wish to have the right to reproductive choice.  Yes we consider reproductive rights as a sensual project because if a woman is not in control of her fertility she will not be sexually free or equal
Social Issues Addressed:  female empowerment, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights, female sexuality.

c) Virtual Museum of Cultural and Historical Erotic Art and Literature from around the World.
Social Issues Addressed: sexual liberation, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, art therapy, positive cultural or historical sexual teachings.

d) Sexual Equalism:  An Evolving (& Politically Incorrect!) blog on Feminism, Men’s Rights & Sexuality in the Modern World.
Social Issues Addressed: Feminism, Men’s Rights, Gender Equality, societal sexual dysfunction.

We offer the following possibilities to learn about ‘Sensual Enterprise':

  1. Sexual Equalism Virtual Membership: Become a Member of this website where you can learn more about Sensual Enterprise through the online resources we offer. (See Free Tours of Sex EQ Art and Articles.)
  2. Sensual Enterprise Workshop. We offer this workshop on socially responsible Sensual Entrepreneurship at our community in Hawaii or online via Skype.
  3. Hedonisia Community Membership in Hawaii! Apply to be a Volunteer Intern or Manager at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community!

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